What is the capital of Lesotho?

The capital of Lesotho is Maseru located in Africa and the languages spoken are English, Sotho (national).

Country: Lesotho
Captial City: Maseru
Alpha-2 Code: LS
Alpha-3 code: LSO
ccTLD: .LS
Time Zone: UTC+02:00
Currency: Lesotho loti (LSL, L), South African rand (ZAR, R)
Continent: Africa
International Access Code (IAC): 266

Capital of Lesotho FAQ

Maseru is the capital of what country?

Maseru is the captial city of the country of Lesotho located in Africa.

What is the calling code for Lesotho?

The calling code for Lesotho, when calling from an international location is 266.

What language is spoken in Lesotho?

The languages that are spoken in Lesotho are English, Sotho (national).

In what continenet is Lesotho?

Lesotho is located in the continenet of Africa, in the time zone of UTC+02:00.

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