What is the capital of Curacao?

The capital of Curacao is Willemstad located in South America and the languages spoken are Papiamentu, Dutch(official).

Country: Curacao
Captial City: Willemstad
Alpha-2 Code: CW
Alpha-3 code: CUW
ccTLD: .CW
Time Zone: UTC-04:00
Currency: Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG, ƒ)
Continent: South America
International Access Code (IAC): +599 9

Capital of Curacao FAQ

Willemstad is the capital of which country?

Willemstad is the captial city of the country of Curacao located in South America.

What is the calling code for Curacao?

The calling code for Curacao, when calling from an international location is +599 9.

What language is spoken in Curacao?

The languages that are spoken in Curacao are Papiamentu, Dutch(official).

In what continenet is Curacao?

Curacao is located in the continenet of South America, in the time zone of UTC-04:00.

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